42 Employees, one Aspiration: The Best.

Quality does not come about by itself. To always deliver first-class work in the technologically sophisticated and complex field of power units and engines, the right people are needed. SDT has a competent, extremely well trained, experienced and powerful team in all areas, from production through to the maintenance and repair service and finally to administration. Collectively we implement the best solution for you. We make this promise to you.


Thomas Schwarke

Chief Executive Officer
Tel.: 04331 4471-0

Fin-Olav Wittstock

Chief Technology Officer
Tel.: 04331 4471-0

SDT Generator Construction

Thomas Jezek

Tel.: 04331 4471-370

Christian Feddersen

Tel.: 04331 4471-340

SDT Service / Spare Parts Sales

Hauke Wollesen

Service Leader
Tel.: 04331 4471-120

Alexander Matern

Service and Repair
Tel.: 04331 4471-180

Sven Rocky Pikowski

Service and Repair
Tel.: 04331 4471-480

Inga Johannsen

Service and Repair
Tel.: 04331 4471-220


Nik Neuhäußer

Service and Repair (Stralsund)
Tel.: 0151 72 01 87 32

Niklas Kollhorst

Spare Parts
Tel.: 04331 4471-125

SDT Energy Technology

SDT Team

Tel.: 04331 4471-0
Mobile: + 49 151-120 103 91


Christian Schwanert

Tel.: 04331 4471-240

Hauke Saß

Tel.: 04331 4471-245