High Standards.
Unlimited Options.

SDT offers flexible power unit solutions for your individual requests and requirements. Through access to the range of engines of our OEM partners we are able to implement precisely the solution required for your specific application. The output range of our power units extends from 4 kW to 4,000 kW.

The Power
Unit Range

SDT constructs drive units for propulsion and generators, as well as for the driving of other work machines, such as compressors, pumps or refrigeration units for onshore and offshore applications. All offshore marine applications are available in the marine duty cycle classifications “light”, “medium” and “heavy”.


Whether a single or multi-engine unit: we implement the perfect solution for the propulsion of your ship. In addition, we supply the suitable auxiliary units and a custom-fit control system.


SDT’s core competence: can be implemented in a 50 Hz or 60 Hz version and with up to 4,000 kVA. From “keep it small & simple” to highly complex for use in the international marine sector. Equipped with the complete range of peripherals and a control system, SDT gensets deliver full performance right through to the end of their planned life-cycle.


Whether a turbo compressor or fire pump, hydraulic unit or gas engine-driven heat pump: we design the suitable work machine solution for your application.


Your power unit must be delivered containerised? Perfectly suited to use on board a ship or on a platform? No problem: we develop the fitting combination for your project from a wide range of container solutions.

Super Silent-

The name says it all: when in operation, these solutions can barely be heard. The canopies and the extremely thick sound absorption covers from SDT prevent the transmission of vibrations to the ship’s hull. All sound-insulating solutions are designed exclusively by SDT. They are tested in use and are very easy to service despite extreme sound absorption.


This solution offers effective protection for both the power unit and the ship. Double-elastic mounts can, on the one hand, reduce the vibrations transmitted to the ship’s hull by the engine and, on the other hand, minimise the external impact and shock loads on the power unit.

LNG Solutions

You would like to take advantage of gas as a low-emission and economically efficient fuel? We offer you individual genset and power unit solutions with LNG engines.

Atex Solutions

Does your power unit have to perform under extreme conditions? Whether tropical or arctic: we know what peripheral equipment is required and what engines are optimally suited to extreme situations.

Hybrid Solutions

The innovative solution for your project: the engine unit–battery storage system combination enables complex requirements in regard to loading ramps and the maintenance of voltage and frequency stability to be addressed. Essentially, the size of the engine can be reduced, as both systems can supply power for the maximum load. Also available with alternative fuels or in an LNG version upon request.