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SDT Service.
Maintenance, Repair and Spare Parts Supply.

Another area of competence for SDT is the brand-spanning after-sales service. We offer tailored and flexible life-cycle services that optimise our customers’ business – in both the maritime and the stationary areas. Whenever and wherever they are needed.

With high expertise and our round-the-clock availability, we exemplify efficient, rapid and flexible service: worldwide. Alongside the servicing, maintenance and repair of power units, engines and transmissions, our range of services also includes the supply of spare parts. Our goal is always the same: maximum service life and the highest efficiency – throughout an engine’s lifetime. Safe, reliable and long-lasting.

Just One Goal:
The Engine Must Run.

Perfect, customised service and close, personal communication with our customers form the basis of our corporate philosophy. This is our mission. We ensure that your power units and engines keep running – because that is why they were built.


People Make the

Although many processes are being increasingly digitalised and automated: if a problem arises with a power unit, the human factor is decisive. And this is what sets SDT apart: we have a team of diversely trained specialists for a wide variety of operational areas. With their expertise, our service technicians are able to carry out highly efficient troubleshooting at any time and get power units up and running again. We find the problem – and we solve it.


When a problem arises with a power unit, there is no time to lose. With our round-the-clock availability and our responsiveness we guarantee effective and flexible service worldwide – and ensure that downtimes are minimised.

Foresight pays

A key focus of our service concept is the “predictive maintenance” principle. Through early recognition of a necessary repair or by the timely replacement of a component, power unit failures can be avoided and efficient operation ensured over the long term.

With a

Only from SDT. After an overhaul we provide you with the same guarantee that you get from us for a new power unit. The only condition is that all required spare parts must be original spare parts.

Quality: the
Original Part.

When individual components of a power unit need to be replaced we consistently rely on the use of original spare parts. Because only then can high quality be ensured over the long term and the risk of a defect or failure minimised.

Our Network:
Your Advantage.

As part of a large network we act as a sales partner for some of the largest and most renowned engine manufacturers worldwide. This affords us exclusive access to special technological know-how and we can provide the necessary spare parts in minimal time.

Maintenance and Repair

From Problem
Solving to Problem

When a power unit no longer runs as it should, this can be due to an infinite number of reasons. Our experienced service technicians will find and eliminate the problem. Even better is when the problem does not arise in the first place. With our servicing and inspections carried out at regular intervals, we minimise the risk of a defect or failure.

Our services in the area of maintenance and repair:

  • Inspection/maintenance
  • Fault code readout/troubleshooting
  • Laser optical alignment check
  • Endoscopy with image creation
  • Wear analysis
  • Consumables analysis
  • Valve machining
  • Crack testing
  • Hardness measurements
  • Surface processing
  • Grinding technology
  • Exhaust analysis on site
  • Performance determination on site
  • Structure and airborne sound analyses on site
  • Paint layer thickness measurement

Fast. Flexible.

Just as for our maintenance and repair services, in delivering original spare parts we focus mainly on one thing: high quality. With SDT you can always rely on a smooth ordering process and rapid delivery of spare parts.

Of course, in addition to the spare part itself we also offer you competent technical support in troubleshooting where requested. In close communication with the manufacturers for whom we operate as sales partners, we define which spare parts are required. We then process your order quickly and effectively.

Spare Parts Supply

Only the original.
They are many good reasons for using original spare parts. They maximise efficiency, prolong the service life and meet the high technology requirements of modern engines. In a nutshell: the original is always the best solution for your power unit.

Throughout the product’s lifetime.
We ensure that all spare parts are available and deliverable throughout your product’s lifetime; for many decades in some instances.

Your benefits:

  • Comprehensive expert advice
  • Manufacturer’s/OEM’s guarantee
  • Outstanding price-performance ratio
  • Repair of components, such as pumps and nozzles
  • Extensive stock of spare parts ensures rapid availability