The World Right on the Doorstep.

SDT is located in North Germany. And on the move all over the world. North German – for us, this means, above all, reliable, quality-conscious, flexible, straightforward and, of course, outward looking. From the East Coast of the United States to Cape Horn and the Persian Gulf: our maintenance and repair teams are in action on nearly all continents in the service of our customers.

Since 2008, after the move from Kiel, the SDT headquarters has been located in Rendsburg, right near the upper Eider and Kiel canals. Here we have a site with the best production conditions and an optimum infrastructure.

To serve our North Sea and Baltic Sea customers more quickly and efficiently, we have set up support centres on Helgoland and in Wilhelmshaven and Stralsund. This means that we are normally able to reach the ships and offshore platforms in all five German coastal states within 1.5 hours.


Schiffsdieseltechnik Kiel GmbH
Kieler Straße 177
24768 Rendsburg

Telephone: +49 4331 4471-0


Schiffsdieseltechnik Kiel GmbH
c/o VBH
27498 Helgoland



Schiffsdieseltechnik Kiel GmbH
Nik Neuhäußer
Hafenstraße 30
18439 Stralsund

Telephone: +49 151 720 187 32


Schiffsdieseltechnik Kiel GmbH
c/o MWB
Kanalweg 6
26389 Wilhelmshaven


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