We Build Your Power Unit.
Just as You Need It.

Every ship, yacht or offshore platform has very specific demands. This applies especially to the power units that ensure the propulsion and energy supply. With over 40 years of experience and specially trained personnel, we build the suitable unit for every subsequent application and monitor the entire process from the first sketch of ideas right through to commissioning. With maximum economic efficiency and fulfilment of the highest quality requirements.

And even after commissioning we remain “on the ball”, if you want us to. With our know-how and experience we are able to look after the unit over its entire life cycle – undertaking all maintenance, inspections and necessary repairs. This allows us to ensure that the operation of the power unit is continuously optimised in terms of both performance and efficiency. Throughout the engine’s lifetime.

Planning and

On Course From the

In the planning phase we lay the groundwork for the development and efficient implementation of a power unit. Working together with our customers, we define all relevant parameters: in what environment the unit is to be used, what performance values are to be achieved, what international and national regulations must be observed – and much more.

Our services:

  • Individual design of the power units according to customer requirements
  • Requirements specification with values
  • Preliminary drawings on request


We Calculate and
Design for the Real

Our team of experienced engineers and technicians designs the power units in close cooperation with the customers. Precision-built for the subsequent application, each power unit is characterised by a relatively low weight, compact design and high performance, coupled with low consumption. Each design is examined for potential weak points and optimised. If necessary, FE analyses are carried out. All potentials for additional time and cost savings are exploited.

Our services:

  • CAD programs for mechanical and electrical design
  • FE analyses where required
  • Structure-borne and airborne sound analyses
  • Handling and elimination of problems


Our Basic Equipment:
Quality, Precision,

Our specially trained personnel ensure the precise, smooth and punctual execution of all individual production steps in the company’s own production hall. The know-how of our engineers results from long-standing experience in the construction of power units for an extensive range of ship types, as well as through ongoing training.

Our services:

  • Installation option up to a weight of 30 t
  • Controlled installation with route card system
  • Self-inspection by skilled workers

Test Bench.

Best Conditions. If
Required, Extreme
Ones too.

The SDT test bench is one of the largest and most efficient in North Germany. To meet our high quality standards, each power unit is subjected to comprehensive and intensive trial runs before delivery. For test runs of new or reconditioned diesel engines, as well as units with total outputs of up to 7.2 MW, three test facilities and a water-brake test stand are available.

Overview of the SDT test bench:

  • Water brake 900 and 4,000 kW
  • Gensets up to 3,600 kWe
  • Parallel running of gensets is possible
  • Certification with the required class
  • Exhaust gas analyses
  • Structure-borne and airborne sound measurements
  • Volume flow measurement
  • Representation of standard conditions
  • Network analysis – measuring of curve shape / unbalance
  • Transmission test bench


Complex Becomes

The commissioning and further operation of a high-performance power unit are complex. Our documentation makes things simple. Our team of experienced experts ensures that all required standards and guidelines are closely observed.

Our services:

  • Project-related documentation
  • Descriptive documentation including commissioning and maintenance
  • Spare parts catalogue
  • Tool catalogue
  • Equipment maintenance (RAMS, LCC)
  • Risk and hazard analyses
  • CE marking
  • Conventional and digital creation
  • IETD according to MIL-SPEC S1000D 2.3 / S2000M 4.0
  • Presentation according to ILF (customer-specific)
  • Multilingual
  • According to valid machinery directive
  • According to class regulations

Preservation and

Everything is Ready.

In our production hall units with a total weight of up to 30 tonnes can be preserved, packed and loaded: safely, effectively and independently of the weather. What is more, the special design of the hall, with two large doors facing each other, means that trucks as large as 40-tonners can drive in and out without any difficulties.

Our services:

  • Preservation of the manufactured power units
  • Special packing on request
  • Long-term packing
  • Loading can be performed in the factory workshop
  • Documentation of delivery state
  • Delivery notes with customer item numbers

Installation Check
and Commissioning.

That Which Belongs
Together Comes

At your request, we will not only deliver the power unit we have manufactured to the shipyard, but also send a team to oversee the correct installation on site, and put the unit into operation after a comprehensive installation check.

Our services:

  • Installation check
  • Commissioning

Service and
Spare Parts.

Looking ahead
Creates Efficiency.

SDT not only supplies high-performance and efficient engines, but, needless to say, we remain your reliable partner after commissioning, too. To ensure trouble-free operation at all times, our specialised service and repair teams are deployed worldwide, and are able to act quickly and effectively from our sites located on the northern coast of Germany. Spare parts are also supplied by SDT quickly, reliably and efficiently.