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SDT Energy Technology.
Stationary Power Units for Electricity Generation.
Exclusively for Germany and Denmark.

In cooperation with our partner Grupel we offer reliable power generation units for a wide variety of applications and purposes – especially for the supply of emergency power in the event of power failures in facilities prone to failure and in critical infrastructures. Thanks to their robust, compact design, as well as their high economic efficiency, all Grupel power units ensure an efficient power supply.

Power Units

SDT currently markets power generation units from four production series of the extensive Grupel product range. The Smart Range, Industrial Range and Heavy Range offer solutions for the most diverse application scenarios. The gensets of the Special Products range are characterised by maximum flexibility and adaptability to the individual customer requirements.




The Smart Range comprises power units for emergency applications. In the event of a power failure they go into operation automatically. A reliable power supply is, thus, ensured at all times.




The Industrial Range was purposely designed as an industrial main or emergency power supply – in case no power supply, or only an inadequate one, exists.




The container gensets of the Heavy Range are used for low or medium voltage applications. They are used as a main or emergency power supply.


Special Projects

The name “Special Projects” says it all. The units
in this range are specially tailored to your
requirements and needs.

We offer you the development, production and installation of emergency systems for critical infrastructures: power generation systems and auxiliary systems, such as turbines for starting and in the absence of an external electrical source, emergency groups for auxiliary sub-systems, liquid storage tanks or fire protection systems.

The Components


A power generation unit or genset is an item of equipment that generates electric power from existing resources. As a rule, such a power unit consists of a combustion engine, a generator, batteries, a fuel tank, a control panel, sound absorbers and automatic transfer switches (ATSs). All these components are mounted on a common base frame.



The choice of a generator depends on the intended use and the operating conditions of the power unit. The generator most frequently used by Grupel is a Stamford generator. Stamford generators are characterised by high quality, innovation and reliability, and can be configured within a wide power range. Through a wide range of SAE adapters they can be combined with a large number of engines.



SDT and Grupel collaborate solely with highly experienced engine manufacturers. All engines meet country-specific requirements and are specially designed for use in diverse weather conditions.



Sound absorption covers are made from sheet steel, aluminium or stainless steel and isolated with sound absorption, fire-resistant material. They are then given a polyester-epoxy coating and anti-corrosion treatment. Permanent engine cooling is ensured through efficient airflow distribution. An integrated control panel with simple operating elements, as well as service doors located on the sides, ensure high ease of use.


Transfer Switch

The automatic transfer switch (ATS) performs the switch-over between the energy source (usually the electricity network) and the secondary power source (usually the generator) in the event of a network failure. The ATS operates automatically and serves to connect the power generator in the case of a network failure. Installation of the ATS is necessary for use of a Grupel power unit.


Control Panel

The control panel is a control unit that serves to monitor power units – it is the “brain” of the power unit, so to speak. In open versions it is located on the chassis, while in closed versions it is integrated in the sound absorption cover or the container. The control panel is distinguished, in particular, by its versatility and reliability. The power units can be equipped with various control systems / control panels depending on the type of use. Our power units are configured in such a way that they can be operated in manual or automatic mode, as well as separately or in parallel with others.


Powered by Grupel

Grupel, a company of the Omnisantos Group, is a diesel generator manufacturer that operates successfully worldwide. The Portuguese company produces a wide range of diesel generators with outputs of up 3,500 kVA.

SDT has cooperated with Grupel since 2017 and represents the company as a direct dealer in the entire German and Danish market.

Strong Partners: SDT and Grupel

Full Power.
Even with no Grid.

Lighting. Medical care. Internet. Telephone calls, cooling, heating, cooking, watching TV – for almost everything that people do on a daily basis they need: electricity. And we all generally rely on electric power being available always and everywhere. The overriding importance of electric power becomes especially apparent when it “fails” – or when no electricity grid is present at all.

Power generation units are an effective solution, so as to be well prepared for such emergency situations. They save lives because, should a power failure occur in a hospital, all vital equipment nevertheless continues to operate. They avoid high economic damage by ensuring, for example, that the refrigeration in food processing facilities continues uninterrupted. Or they afford exhilarating moments when an open-air music festival can be held in a green setting.

In close cooperation with the global genset manufacturer Grupel, we develop efficient solutions for a secure power supply – and offer our customers, in diverse industrial sectors, power generation units that can always be relied on when it really matters.


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